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Lobestar® Shear/Mixer
LOBESTAR® Shear/Mixer

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Product Information
Inquire about the Lobestar® Shear/Mixer or Lobestar® Mixing Eductor for your application.
The Lobestar® Shear/Mixer requires fewer polymers or surfactant, and up to 50% less bentonite to achieve the required viscosity in our dust-free mud mixing system. Designed to meet the demanding mud mixing system requirements for getting the most mud mixing potential from a chemical product, the Lobestar Shear/Mixer is a combination of the Lobestar® Radial Premixer and the Lobestar® Mixing Eductor™. Together, they provide rapid hydration, uniform dispersion and fast delivery to the mud mixing process.


  • Speed mud mixing
  • Mud mixing dynamic shearing
  • Rapid mud mixing hydration
  • Uniform mud mixing blend
  • Maximum mud mixing performance
  • Mud mixing stabilization
  • Mud mixing dust containment
  • Long distance mud mixing delivery
  • Minimum mud mixing air induction
  • No moving parts

The centrifugal force that is generated in the Radial Premixer separates the individual particles as the “wetting-out” process is completed. This eliminates clumping, fisheyes and microgels in the mud mixing system. The slurry is then drawn into the mixing chamber of the Mixing Eductor which provides turbulent mixing and dynamic shearing without mud mixing product damage. The results are rapid hydration, uniform dispersion and fast delivery in the mud mixing system.